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Reverse engineering can reveal tremendous insights, but manual processes consume critical resources. Binary Ninja is the premiere tool for automated binary analysis, allowing you to accelerate your capabilities with its rich feature set, easy-to-use API, and accessible Intermediate Language (BNIL).

Trail of Bits offers hands-on training to teach you everything you need to know about using Binary Ninja. We offer flexible training modules to suit your needs, skills, and availability.

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What you will Learn

Introductory and intermediate courses begin with a deep dive into Binary Ninja’s Python API, then explore using the Binary Ninja Intermediate Languages (BNILs). Topics covered include:

In the advanced modules, you will learn:

Praise for the course

"Good instructor, knows his stuff. I found going into each of the assignments that I was picking it up as I worked."
"Josh displayed deep knowledge of the subject, so regardless of the questions asked, he had no issue fielding them. He's completely approachable and at no point did I feel like I couldn't ask a question or ask for him to re-visit a topic."
"Overall, the training was awesome. You are literally a walking talking binary ninja API reference, and just getting to pick your brain was an absolute gift. You were engaging, had some really cool demos, and the training was well-laid out."
"Highly recommend Josh Watson's awesome automation with Binary Ninja training. Amazing class with loads of helpful info and tricks!

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At Trail of Bits, we don’t just fix bugs, we fix software. When our research into the depths of code and devices exposes gaps in the market, we engineer tools to close them. Our trainers’ knowledge of the Binary Ninja API and internals is rivaled only by the Binary Ninja core developers.