Josh Watson

Josh is Trail of Bits’ resident Binary Ninja expert. He develops and delivers training materials for public and private courses on the reversing platform. Josh has published numerous articles about reverse engineering with the Binary Ninja APIs–-which remain some of the most detailed documentation available–-and released several related open-source plugins and tools. He has made considerable contributions to Ethersplay, Trail of Bits’ EVM disassembler plugin for Binary Ninja.

Josh Watson Josh began his career as a network security patent examiner for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. From there, he conducted hands-on work in the Department of Defense, developing tools to support network exploitation operations, and deployed overseas in support of the DOD mission. In late 2013, Josh entered private industry as a vulnerability researcher for Raytheon. He joined Trail of Bits in 2017.

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Josh has delivered our coursework at top tier conferences and enterprises:

"Josh is without a doubt our most knowledgeable Binary Ninja user. We pay attention very closely to any of his feedback and we couldn’t think of a better third-party instructor to teach about how to use Binary Ninja to solve reverse engineering problems."

— Jordan Wiens, Co-Founder, Vector35